Social Media is about becoming part of the conversation.

We help you turn your fans into customers through engagement


The key to social media success lies in a clear social media strategy. In order to use social media for long-term business benefits you have to address the needs and wants of the users while simultaneously ensuring that key business goals are being met. This is never straightforward, especially as social media and online communities can affect many areas of a business, from product development through to PR. That’s why it’s critical to have buy-in from all relevant employees across all teams. To ensure we meet the requirements of your business we have developed a unique social media strategy and planning process. As part of our strategy workshops we’ll work closely with you and your key stakeholders to help you take a unified approach to social media. We’ll make sure you identify a social media strategy that’s based on your brand values and strategic goals, giving you results that are measurable, accurate and useful. We like to think of ourselves more as social media consultants rather than a social media agency. To arrange a workshop, and take the first step towards developing your online community, contact us now.



Community Management

An online community is just like any growing organism – it needs nurturing, particularly in its infancy. At AppealCulture, our tried-and-tested process for online community building starts at initial implementation and continues with ongoing professional community management. Our highly experienced community managers provide a best-practice community management service to ensure that your online community delivers 100% of your goals.

New Community Initiation

A successful online community needs good community management. You can’t just turn on the software and wait for the online community to ‘happen’. The early stages of online community building are the most complex – not only are you looking to attract and keep users, but you also need to ensure the direction of the online community aligns with your key business goals. Then there’s the tricky process of growing a community – too fast and your community might implode; too slow and you risk disengagement. It’s not easy – but luckily we’ve got experts on hand who can handle this for you.

Happy Community = Sustainable success

Ongoing community management is fundamental to the long-term success of your community. While a good, healthy online community will reach a certain level of profitability just from the correct implementation, sustaining that level, and pushing beyond it, takes careful community management. Our team of dedicated community managers can work with you to ensure your online community stays on track and delivers results. So what do we do? We bring out the best in your online community with a healthy dose of TLC. It’s more than just moderation and observation – our experts get their hands dirty and get involved in everything from community building and seeding, to content development and chat moderation, to ensure that your community delivers to the best of its ability.



People are talking about you

It’s great to have people talking about your brand online, but what are they saying about you? Online reputation management is the process of constantly listening to how your brand is perceived across all types of online media. It’s also about managing a response or reaction to whatever is being said about you online. So it’s more than just social media monitoring or community management. We listen to, research and analyse the online conversation and buzz about your brand to help you use it to your advantage. We go beyond analysing the chat within your own online community and look at news sites, forums and blogs, as well as other sources of user-generated content and social networks. Knowledge is power, and online reputation management gives you knowledge of what people are saying about you and the power to decide if, and how, to respond. It’s also a way of monitoring your customers’ activity, helping you work out what they’re interested in quickly and efficiently. If you’d like us to manage your online reputation why not contact us to find out more.