If your smartphone is not part of your strategy, your customers can not see you



Having a mobile-optimized website is essential for a range of reasons. Even in the era of full-featured, multimedia-enabled smart phones, usability is dramatically decreased on mobile devices. The first aspect of mobile we have to consider is that the mobile experience is fundamentally different from that of the desktop. Mobile users are faced with a huge set of challenges, such as small screen size, tiny keyboards with awkward input, lengthy download times … the list goes on.

Building a website for the mobile context means understanding that unlike traditional desktop websites, the mobile web is exceedingly task-oriented. Prioritization is vital, from simplifying navigational elements and content down to deciding the order in which each item should be presented to the user. Understanding your mobile user is of the utmost importance, so testing multiple options may be necessary to ensure the best presentation.

Designing your mobile site in such a way that users can easily and quickly find what they’re in search of regardless of the device they’re on is also crucial. It’s important to keep in mind that many users don’t have smart phones and will have to navigate using a small keypad, while many users on newer devices will control the website using touch actions. Your mobile website must accommodate your users, providing a great user experience for those



Let’s face it: mobile browsing can be downright uncomfortable, especially if you have big fingers.

Most mobile users are not “surfers”—they just want to find what they need and get on with their lives. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that most mobile users will perform a search for a brand even when they know the brand’s website address, just because it’s quicker than typing it out. This means search engines play an even bigger role in the mobile market, making mobile SEO a priority.

If they can’t find you, you simply don’t exist. Your site coming up in mobile search results is simply not enough. If you’re not providing your users with an optimized viewing experience, you’re only halfway there. Mobile users not only insist upon immediate access to the information they need, but they also demand it in a format that is lightweight, quick to load, carefully organized, and a breeze to read and navigate. This is essential for users, yes, but it’s also important to search engines.

AppealCulture will work with you to ensure your brand can be found and accessed, regardless of the medium. We will develop and optimize a mobile friendly version of your website that focuses on user experience, making it possible for you to build your brand as well as customer loyalty. We can deliver the experience your customers truly deserve. Don’t settle for anything less.

Making Your Brand Jump Out Of Your Smartphone