Do You Know The Ultimate Goal?

Every small business owner has one ultimate goal. To succeed. Success itself is the defined differently for and by each business owner. In my experience most of the business owners I have talked to never have a clear goal. Here is what I mean. As a small business owner my ultimate goal has been to be able to afford myself the opportunity to work a 4 hour work day and spend more time raising my son and focus on building my family. That’s my dream for my business, myself and my family. The irony however demands countless hours, brutal challenges, hard negotiations, financial gains, cycle of losing and gaining customers and the ability to maintaining yourself at the core.

Many small business owners make the mistake of never defining what that ultimate goal is. They want success, they want financial gains, they want unlimited wealth, they want toys but is that the goal or is that the way to get to your goal? Think about it today and take some time to figure it out. I promise you, you will look at yourself differently as well as your business differently.