Your mother would totally love us.


Not Just a Plaque on a Wall

You hear a lot of people talk about work culture and life balance. It’s not like they exist independently of each other. If you’re at work you’ve got to be living too, haven’t you? We hope so at least! It’s why we invest so much time and effort in ensuring that our staff enjoys their time at work. It spans a broad and colorful spectrum. Each one of us lives our 7 core values and feels it’s not just something that we need to engrave and place on a plaque. Being an all green company, telecommuting is the way of living for most of us.

We believe in:

  1. Astonishing Customers: Every time you get on the phone or meet with a customer, astonish them!
  2. Progressing Daily: Make daily progress to move the company and customers forward in a positive direction.
  3. Integrity All of the Way: No matter what, be true to yourself and be true to others.
  4. Keeping promises: When you make a promise to anyone, keep it!
  5. Having Fun: Life is too short! Have fun doing everything you do!
  6. Whatever it is, we’re always looking to add value to the lives of our colleagues, our clientele, and our environment. And finally, we like to give all of our competitors a shout out, a poke and a wink and encourage them not to take themselves too seriously.