Our consultants and our parents have a few things in common.

They can guide, lead and offer invaluable advise. Even when it's not needed


Marketing Consulting


MAppealCulture provides a breadth of marketing consulting services to support our clients from strategy, to planning, through execution. Our deep understanding of the global communications environment and our creative and rigorous analytic techniques enable us to craft winning marketing strategies and programs for our clients. We see individual business issues in the context of overall industry financial and value relationships, allowing us to deliver detailed, focused and pragmatic recommendations, and blueprints for sustainable impact and change.

We provide program management and project delivery to support execution across the broad spectrum of marketing services such as Customer Segmentation, Customer Experience Assessment, Product Management, Retail Sales Channel Assessment and Marketing Communications.

  • Go to Market Plans
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Product Development & Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Customer Care Strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Online Communities
  • Technology Analysis
  • Start-up Research


MAppealCulture can provide product testing and communication testing (i.e. advertising material), using market research techniques. We have often developed prototypes along simplistic lines, and used these to test concepts so that firms do not engage in large expenditure on product development, and then face product failure or large outlay costs. We can work with you to develop innovative ways of testing prototypes, product concepts, service concepts, etc., prior to high investment and risk being undertaken in the market place. We can also assist you with communication platform development and with testing advertising campaigns, messages, positioning statements, etc. to prevent high expenditure on promotional material without understanding the implications, risks and customer responsiveness. The result is that we have excellent success in product launches and we follow up an appropriate new product development path that ensures that the right commercial decisions are made at every point in time before final commercialization.

New Product Development

AppealCulture’s wide industrial & service experience assists companies to:

  • Research new ideas & innovations.
  • Develop prototypes.
  • Trial products/services.
  • Establish a commercial basis for new products, including initial sales.

Business Development